Reflecting on 2023: Celebrating Milestones and Gratitude for Partnership with Our Clients

As 2024 approaches, we are eager to continue our journey, hand in hand with our partners and clients. Your collaborative spirit and support have provided a strong foundation for even greater achievements in the future.

Call Interrupted: How to Stop VoIP Outages in their Tracks

A real-world example highlighting our unique capabilities around capturing and analyzing voice system data, bringing clarity and insight to complexity and confusion.

Pico and OneChronos: A Partnership Driving Fintech Growth

The world of financial technology is a fast-paced environment, constantly evolving, innovating, and providing unique challenges that demand cutting-edge solutions. Pico and OneChronos are two leading companies in this dynamic landscape.

Corvil Support for Monitoring Encrypted Eurex and Xetra Trading Sessions

Learn how Deutsche Börse is introducing mandatory encryption for trading interfaces, and how Corvil can help maintain visibility of encrypted traffic.

A Day in the Life at Pico

The Pico Women’s Network (PWN) was launched in early 2020 to inspire, empower and connect women throughout Pico. Our action-oriented network aims to inspire through speaker series, empower through professional development and connect through cross divisional networking.

As Derivatives Liquidity Moves, Firms Need to Be Ready

In the changing global landscape of today’s derivatives markets, it is essential that firms have the appropriate access to the right venues and counterparts if they are to keep pace with the changes and stay competitive.

Analytic Insights into trading performance using Corvil as a Data Source

In high-speed trading environments, some questions about performance and trading outcomes can only be answered using detailed, accurate data about trading messages.

Pico Leverages Latest 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors to reach 100G Real-time Analytics For Financial Markets

Our first impression of 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors Ice Lake with Corvil Analytics is exciting and impressive.

As Asia’s Markets Come of Age, Market Ecosystems Need to Keep Pace

Hong Kong complements a large number of Asian colocation centres for Pico, including Tokyo, Taipei, Bangkok and Manila.

FIX Transaction Performance Analysis: Illuminating the Darkness

Learn why FIX timestamp logs can keep you in the dark when optimizing infrastructure performance for better trading outcomes.

Appliance Performance: Looking Inward to Maximize Value

Appliance insights that empower users to focus their analytics resources on the things that matter

Leveraging AI and Algorithms for Predictive Anomaly Detection

A place for AI and deep learning in optimising infrastructure performance is undisputed – the challenge in a fast-evolving landscape is investing in the right solution.