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Webinar: Advances in Trade Infrastructure - A-Team

To wring greater performance from your trading infrastructure, it’s essential to be able to measure its performance. Leaders in the trading technology race are already using infrastructure monitoring capabilities to assess their trading set-ups and to derive value-added data and insights into behavioral patterns. This webinar will focus on how the infrastructure landscape is fundamentally changing to deal with regulatory and financial performance pressures. It will address the transparency challenge and discuss the benefits of a hybrid infrastructure. Finally, it will delve into how accelerated adoption of AI and Machine Learning technologies are optimizing trade execution outcomes and how to use highly granular machine-time data to move from observing outcomes to predicting them.
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Webinar: Tick to Trade Measurements

Algo performance has become one of the most sought-after use cases among our clients. In this session, we will break down the value, pre-requisites as well as basic configuration of Tick To Trade measurements, which will give you answers on how well your Algos run. While this topic is more geared towards the user base, which utilizes automatic algorithms in their environment, the fundamental configuration can be applied towards other trading use cases.


The Trading Show - Chicago

The Trading Show Chicago allows you to discover the latest technology, across quant, automated trading, exchange technology, big data and HPC. Listen and engage with industry experts discussing critical challenges facing market structure, trading strategy and future technologies impacting the trading industry. Introduce your solution to key industry decision-makers who are looking for new products to improve their infrastructure, acquire new datasets and trade more efficiently.
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Webinar: Leveraging AI & Machine Learning into your trading operations - A-Team

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FIX EMEA Trading Conference - London

The EMEA Trading Conference covers issues facing the electronic trading community and provides a platform for buy-side, sell-side, exchanges, vendors, and regulators to share ideas and collaborate.
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Webinar: PNQM and Correlation Assistant

Measuring high precision latency is what the Corvil brand is built on. In this session we will revisit the fundamentals behind one of our most important algorithms, which helps us correlate packets and messages in order to obtain latency values. The main focus of the session will be around troubleshooting pnqm coverage, loss and misconfiguration utilizing the Correlation Assistant.


Tradetech Europe 2020 - Paris

TradeTech Europe helps equity trading professionals from across the full value chain solve their biggest data challenges through interactive discussion and solution sharing, while offering their attendees roundtable discussions, workshops and live debates.
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FIA EXPO - Chicago

The Annual Futures and Option Expo gives attendees a fresh perspective on major issues and trends, enables them to discover the latest technology, product and service solutions, showcase their company and build buisness from inspiring connections.
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Webinar: Pico Trading Network Topology

Whether you’re in the low latency space or not, understanding basic trading network topology is a must. In this session, we will cover the value behind Pico’s network hosting and how different network topologies address different client needs.

Corvil Certified Expert in Electronic Trading (CCE)

This hands-on practical classroom course teaches you how to monitor trading flows, manage market data quality and how to configure full multi-hop visibility. You will also learn how to integrate Corvil through Corvil Sensor, Streams and Connectors, and how to gain the complete authoritative view from your network for compliance and regulatory purposes.


  • Overview of Electronic Trading
  • Understanding Your Order Flow
  • Market Data Monitoring
  • Configuring Multi-hop Visibility
  • Integration and Compliance
  • Assessment

Key Information

Audience: Corvil Administrators and Config Users from the Electronic Trading sector.
Format: Two Day Classroom Course
Prerequisites: It is mandatory to complete Corvil Certified Administrator prior to taking this course.
Certification: To achieve certification, it is necessary to take a written and practical exam. This may be taken immediately after the course.
Price: USD 2,640 / EUR 2,400 / GBP 2,000

Upcoming Dates

New York
May 12-13, and 14 (half day exam) 2020

June 9-10, and 11 (half day exam) 2020