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Client Webinar: Top Corvil Analytics Features of 2020

As we close out the year, we wanted to highlight some of the most impactful features that came to light in 2020. We focused yet again on dashboards and user friendliness.

Corvil Certified Expert in Electronic Trading (CCE)

This hands-on practical classroom course teaches you how to monitor trading flows, manage market data quality and how to configure full multi-hop visibility. You will also learn how to integrate Corvil through Corvil Sensor, Streams and Connectors, and how to gain the complete authoritative view from your network for compliance and regulatory purposes.


  • Overview of Electronic Trading
  • Understanding Your Order Flow
  • Market Data Monitoring
  • Configuring Multi-hop Visibility
  • Integration and Compliance
  • Assessment

Key Information

Audience: Corvil Administrators and Config Users from the Electronic Trading sector.
Format: Two Day Classroom Course
Prerequisites: It is mandatory to complete Corvil Certified Administrator prior to taking this course.
Certification: To achieve certification, it is necessary to take a written and practical exam. This may be taken immediately after the course.
Price: USD 2,640 / EUR 2,400 / GBP 2,000

Upcoming Dates

London: November 11-12, 2020 (online)