Market data available for your consumption on 
one network, globally—it is that simple.

Why Firms Choose Redline

Pico + Redline empower our clients’ trading by simplifying access to global liquidity through highly-optimized software, catering to varying use-cases.

Improve tick-to-trade performance, queue position of orders, and rapidly onboard additional markets with minimal effort, all while reducing operational costs.

Since their founding in 2008, Redline Trading Solutions built the fastest and most reliable market data and order execution gateway solution in the industry. In 2022 Pico partnered with Redline to innovate and deliver a portfolio of best-in-class products across Pico's extensive global ecosystem.

  • Proven performance, accuracy and reliability in mission-critical applications

  • Focused on maximizing trading profitability via market data insights and best execution

  • Industry’s smallest footprint creates dramatic reduction in operational expenses

  • Best-in-class customer care