PICO is a leading provider of technology services for financial markets around the world.

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Transforms the cost of packet capture instrumentation and network analytics to enable network operations teams to detect and diagnose network health issues.

Pico announces the release and general availability of its new flagship Corvil 100Gbps capture and analytics appliance.

Pico Expands Flagship Monitoring Platform into the Cloud with the launch of Corvil Cloud Analytics.

What We Do

Pico provides agile and transparent technology solutions to the Financial Markets community including infrastructure hosting, network connectivity, market data, Corvil analytics, and cloud services giving your organization the freedom to move fast.

The Freedom to Move Fast

With Pico, you will be able to access markets in any location, stand up best-in-class technology on-demand, within budget, and then bring it live in days not months. You will have better control, better transparency and better intelligence due to the visibility and insights from Corvil Analytics. You will be able to see your technology platform perform live for you and your business.


Access over 200 global market venues via PicoNet™, our private ultra low-latency proprietary network mesh. Extremely flat, minimizing hops and latency wherever possible, PicoNet™ is ultra-resilient and fault-tolerant, providing the fastest path connections between on-net co-location sites.

The Technology Platform for Financial Markets Globally

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