Network Analytics

Real-time visibility and analytics to monitor network health.

Transforms the cost of packet capture instrumentation and network analytics to enable network operations teams to detect and diagnose network health issues.

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The only 100Gbps sustained network capture and network analytics platform in the market.


Pay for only what is needed in every location. Start with Network Capture, add Network Analytics or Application/VoIP Analytics only where required.

Reduce Appliance Churn

Pay as you grow: Purchase XS analytics license, add S or M if needed. Purchase 40Gbps, add 100Gbps license when required.

Corvil provides real-time network capture and analytics at 1/3 the cost of incumbent vendors


Corvil provides the only platform capable of sustained 100Gbps Network Capture and real-time Network Analytics

With early access to new Intel products, Pico delivers faster innovation and maximum performance with our Enterprise solution.
In addition, we offer technical workshops to keep ahead of ever increasing data rates.

Infosec Compliant

  • All network communications captured, indexed & searchable

  • Fast, intuitive workflows for SecOps investigations

  • All Data encrypted at rest

  • Role Based Access Controls

  • Secure Management

  • TLS1.2, SNMPv3, SMTP-TLS


Not every location needs expensive analytics. Pay for only what you need, where you need it.

Application Analytics
Add Application and Voice Analytics options in select locations.

Network Analytics
Add real-time network analytics only where needed; upload PCAPs from any location for on-demand analytics.

Pay only for network packet capture in locations where analytics are not required.

Network Capture and Analytics Key Capabilities

Multiple Capture Price Points

5Gbps -> 100Gbps Sustained network packet capture and analytics.

PCAP Access for All Stakeholders

UI, CLI and Programmatic PCAP export with layer 2/3 filters.

Easy to Learn for Global NetOps

2 to 3 click workflows for fast and intuitive triage of network related issues.

Easy to Deploy—No Configuration, No Thick-Client Required

Out of the box TCP analytics with drilldown to sub-second packet analytics.

Hold Service Provider to Account

Pinpoint the root cause of WAN congestion, latency and packet loss.

Integration with Existing Correlation and Reporting Platform

Streaming flow metrics to upstream analytics platforms (Elastic, Splunk, etc.).

Supported Connectors to Enterprise Reporting Platforms

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Corvil Enterprise At-a-Glance

Get real-time visibility and analytics to monitor your business operations.