Quantitative Hedge Funds

Quantitative Hedge Funds Maximize Your Market Impact with Expert-Led Quant Solutions

Empower your trading with unparalleled speed, collaboration, and data intelligence.

Quantitative hedge funds depend on precise data and rapid execution to outperform the market. Pico's advanced infrastructure and specialized tools empower quant funds to optimize their trading strategies and achieve superior performance.

Ultra Low-Latency Connectivity

Leverage our high-speed network connectivity and venue access to minimize execution times and maximize trading opportunities.

Transaction Quality Analysis

Discover the direct correlation between trade plant performance and trade outcomes with our advanced TQA. Make smarter decisions backed by compelling data.

Accurate Market Data

Utilize our comprehensive raw and normalized market data services to power your quantitative models with real-time and historical data.

Corvil Analytics

Gain deep insights into market trends and performance with our data sets and sophisticated analytics tools designed for the dynamic world of quant trading.

A Suite of Products & Services Tailored for Quantitative Hedge Funds

Pico’s technology services for the financial markets community provide a comprehensive portfolio of markets solutions coupled with an agile and expert service delivery model.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your low-latency network benefit quant funds?

Our network ensures minimal latency, which is critical for executing trades swiftly and capturing fleeting market opportunities.

What type of market data do you provide?

We offer comprehensive real-time and historical data across multiple asset classes, vital for developing and backtesting trading models.

How does Corvil Analytics support our trading strategies?

Corvil Analytics offers detailed performance analysis and operational insights, helping you refine your trading strategies and improve execution quality.