Global Banks

Global Banks Empowering Global Banks with Industry-Leading Market Solutions

Unmatched network connectivity and advanced data solutions for your global banking operations.

Pico provides a foundational advantage with our high-performance infrastructure and connectivity, ensuring you stay ahead in the global market.

Ultra-Low Latency Infrastructure

Flexible solutions, including hybrid cloud services and 55+ end-to-end managed colocation sites, that grow with your business.

Global Connectivity

Ensure fast and reliable access to market data and trading venues worldwide with PicoNet, our comprehensive network.

Comprehensive Market Data

Access real-time and historical data from all major global markets, powered by our raw and normalized market data services.

Monitoring and Analytics

Gain insights into market trends and performance with Corvil Analytics, providing visibility and detailed insights.

A Suite of Products & Services Tailored for Global Banks

Pico’s technology services for the financial markets community provide a comprehensive portfolio of markets solutions coupled with an agile and expert service delivery model.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Pico’s services enhance a global bank’s operational efficiency?

Pico can play a pivotal role in enhancing efficiencies with Corvil’s advanced analytics and reporting, integrated technology solutions, cloud computing services, real-time transaction monitoring, regulatory compliance, and supply chain and vendor management.

Can Pico customize a solution to my bank’s specific needs?

Pico’s diverse product suite and global Intellihands support provides the flexibility and knowledge to meet your individualized needs. Enjoy the freedom to tailor product offerings.