Fintech Service Providers

Fintech Service Providers Elevate assets and efficiencies

Partner with Pico to gain access to advanced analytics, infrastructure support, global connectivity, market data, secure solutions, and streamlined technology procurement.

In the competitive financial markets, scaling your operations and enhancing your service offerings are crucial. With Pico, gain a strategic partner who brings a global presence, multi-asset connectivity, and top-tier client support to help you elevate your platform's capabilities and market reach.

Analytics that Power Insight

Pico’s suite of Analytics are powered by the industry standard set by Corvil. Gain data-driven insights, improving the functionality and competitiveness of its fintech solutions.

Global Connectivity

Receive real-time market information without any delay, expand your reach, access new markets, and offer solutions to a broader audience.

Innovation and Technology

Pico’s constant technological advancements, allow for the adoption of innovative solutions and keep you competitive.

Comprehensive Services

Access a wide range of services and solutions without the need for in-house development, enabling a more comprehensive client offering.

A Suite of Products & Services Tailored for Fintech Service Providers

Pico’s technology services for the financial markets community provide a comprehensive portfolio of markets solutions coupled with an agile and expert service delivery model.

Frequently Asked Questions

How seamlessly can your services integrate with our existing fintech infrastructure?

Our services are meticulously designed for seamless integration with your existing fintech infrastructure, we prioritize compatibility, supporting API integration for smooth assimilation into your proprietary systems. our services aim to enhance your fintech service provider capabilities, providing global reach, security, and scalability while minimizing implementation timelines and ensuring optimal uptime.

How does your company provide global connectivity, and what markets can we access through your services?

PicoNet™, uses the lowest latency switches and the fastest telecommunications links. We designed for speed, resilience and scalability to deliver the best possible connection in the industry. Access over 300 global market venues via PicoNet™. Pico is the only managed service provider to have made this level of investment in its network globally.