Exchanges Empower Your Exchange with Unmatched Global Connectivity

Leverage cutting-edge technology and data insights to elevate your trading infrastructure and performance.

Our tailored solutions for exchanges are designed to boost efficiency, enhance security, and expand your global reach. With a focus on advanced data and analytics, and a robust infrastructure, we set the stage for your growth and success in the dynamic world of trading.

Analytics that Power Insight

Our analytics solutions are designed to unlock market insights and opportunities and help you make informed decisions quickly and accurately.

Access to Market Data Feeds

Receive real-time market information without any delay.

Global Connectivity for Increased Liquidity

Our ultra-low latency network, PicoNet, connects with a broader network of market participants, attracting liquidity from diverse regions and increasing trading opportunities.

Scalability and Flexibility

Quickly adapt to increasing transaction volumes and evolving market demands.

A Suite of Products & Services Tailored for Exchanges

Pico’s technology services for the financial markets community provide a comprehensive portfolio of markets solutions coupled with an agile and expert service delivery model.

Frequently Asked Questions

How seamlessly can your services integrate with our existing exchange or platform infrastructure?

Go live in days, not weeks with Pico’s experienced global team of experts to extend your team with a wide array of support services.

How does your company provide global connectivity, and what markets can we access through your services? Is there support for cross-border transactions and services?

PicoNet™, uses the lowest latency switches and the fastest telecommunications links. We designed for speed, resilience and scalability to deliver the best possible connection in the industry. Our reliable data feeds, secure communication, and efficient order routing mechanisms can significantly enhance the exchange or platform’s execution.

Can your services be customized to meet the unique needs and specifications of our exchange or platform?

Pico diverse product suite can play a pivotal role in your success. We offer Corvil’s advanced analytics and reporting, integrated technology solutions, global compliance and regulatory support, as well as supply chain and vendor management.