Crypto Digital asset trading with real-time cloud analytics

Pico empowers crypto traders with high-quality, granular data capture and analytics capabilities, ensuring comprehensive visibility and control without compromising quality or precision.

Crypto trading demands speed and precision. Pico's solutions provide the data and analytics necessary to excel in the dynamic crypto market, ensuring optimal performance.

Maximum Visibility

Comprehensive oversight of every order and market data tick across all client connections.

Order Tracking and Dispute Resolution

full visibility into the orders, both sent and received, along with the corresponding responses, it eliminates ambiguity and facilitates quick resolution of individual orders.

Latency Measurements

Orders are automatically correlated with responses to measure latency and track the entire lifecycle of the order.

Workload Instrumentation

Corvil AppAgent allows for internal workload instrumentation, facilitating latency measurement for specific stages within a workload.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crypto Connect?

The Crypto Connect service from Pico provides secure, private and low latency connections between all the leading digital asset exchanges to reduce variability.

What can Corvil Cloud Analytics do to improve performance?

Corvil Cloud Analytics provides the visibility and timestamping of every crypto trade and market data message, which enables all parties to achieve deterministic performance in this highly dynamic environment.