Trading Infrastructure Service Provider Boosts Customer Experience and Support Efficiency

Corvil’s packet capture improves on-boarding experience and service assurance while protecting investment with analytics upgrades.


Providing Superior Support Experience for Growing Customer Base

  • Increasing stress from customer traffic growth on legacy packet capture tooling
  • Lengthy search query response times and packet export timeframes due to growing capture volumes
  • Limited ability to adapt to changing network infrastructure, capture requirements and analytics needs


Fast, Intuitive Access to Packet Captures with Easy Analytics Upgrades

  • Reliable, high throughput packet capture
  • Rapid capture export while sustaining maximum capture rates
  • Intuitive, single-click access to customer-specific captures with filtering, indexed search and export by data or trading connections to minimize time taken to find and download customer-specific captures
  • Maximized disk storage capacity with streaming packet compression (up to 3 times over competitive products) while protecting client data with capture volume and database encryption
  • Streamlined, modular analytics upgrade path for deployed appliances as the firm’s networks grow and change


Improved Customer Experience and Support Efficiency

Effectiveness of customer support
Customer on-boarding experience
Deployment flexibility for future analytics and network upgrades
Mean-time to respond to customer queries
Mean-time to innocence and problem resolution