Exchange Simplifies Compliance and Service Assurance

Corvil delivers a single analytics platform that delivers insight for more efficient and effective business, compliance and service assurance.


Meeting Expanding Customer Demand and Regulatory Compliance

  • Intense regulatory scrutiny (Reg603a, RegSCI) that was increasingly difficult to satisfy without independent oversight and on-demand forensic analysis
  • Responsiveness to customer order execution inquiries without dedicating significant resources to develop monitoring and analysis tools
  • Assuring optimal plant performance, capacity, and availability as customer demand grew


Single Streaming Analytics Platform that Delivered Business, Compliance and Operational Intelligence

  • Independent and continuous comparative analysis of outgoing market data to CTA and UTP securities information processors and across multiple proprietary protocols in support of Reg 603a compliance
  • Independent, precision time-sequenced order execution and market data records which serve as evidence for regulatory inquiries
  • Proactive oversight and alerting for RegSCI compliance, including external venues providing market data or executing externally routed order flow
  • Market data quality insights across all third-party feeds to assure timely, complete price data
  • Visibility into member firm’s order execution and performance; searchable by member firm, by order type or by trading symbol
  • Infrastructure and platform metrics to optimize capacity planning
  • Analytics-driven workflows for rapid investigation of and response to regulator and customer electronic transaction inquiries


More Efficient and Effective Regulatory Compliance and Service Assurance

Mean time to respond to regulatory and client inquiries
Regulatory tail-risk through delivery of continuous independent analysis
Opportunity cost of using developers to implement compliance-driven monitoring and analytics changes
Risk of rapid business expansion by providing service and execution assurance capabilities
Staff productivity through automation