Proprietary Trading Firm Proactively Improves Execution Quality

Corvil’s continuous insight into venue, system and execution performance drives optimization decisions.


Delayed and Fragmented Visibility Limited Trading Execution Improvements

  • Gaining rapid, precision visibility across complex, distributed systems to prioritize optimization efforts and support efficient infrastructure operation
  • Inadequate insight into venue, system and execution performance degradation
  • Opportunity costs of dedicating significant resources to develop visibility, analytics and collaboration capabilities required for proactive oversight


Continuous, Real-Time Insight to Drive Proactive Optimization Decisions

  • Measurement and correlation of the performance impact of each system, infrastructure component, and connected venue on end-to-end transaction performance
  • Insight into performance impact of software/algorithm updates
  • Proactive oversight of execution performance across various venues to optimize trade routing decisions
  • Analytics-driven workflows for rapid problem identification, isolation, and resolution across the trade plant


Improved Delivery and Execution Performance

Return on optimization investment
Revenue resulting from system optimization
Support staff productivity
Business impact of technology issues
Development opportunity costs
Mean time to identify and resolve issues