Online Investments Provider Optimizes Transaction Performance

Corvil's insight assures optimal execution across liquidity providers and improves operational risk management.


Managing Operational Risk Across Increasing Financial Transaction Complexity and Volumes

  • Consistent delivery of timely, high quality pricing data during volatile market conditions
  • Oversight of order execution performance across various liquidity providers
  • Assuring adequate technology capacity as message rates volumes test platform or infrastructure limitations


Insight to Improve Operational Risk Management and Assure Optimal Execution Across Liquidity Providers

  • Market data performance insights to optimize price delivery during dynamic market conditions
  • Insight to assure performance of global liquidity providers needed to maintain appropriate levels of market risk exposure
  • Analytics-driven workflows for rapid identification, isolation, and resolution of issues with transaction and trade plant performance
  • Infrastructure and platform metrics to reveal hidden bottlenecks and to optimize capacity planning and transaction performance


Improved Business Risk Management

Risk of stale pricing during periods of high volatility
Mean time to identify and resolve operational risks
Mean time to identify performance optimization opportunities