Non-Bank Liquidity Provider Optimizes Tick Delivery for Improved Execution

Corvil’s insights improves market data quality and trade plant performance for improved trading effectiveness.


Market Data Delivery Across a Complex, Global Environment Impacting Execution

  • Lengthy timeframes to identify, diagnose, and address market data feed delivery issues
  • Inadequate visibility across changing applications to support efficient infrastructure operations and to prioritize optimization efforts
  • Lack of precise visibility and analysis required to assure service of ultra-low-latency environment
  • Opportunity cost of dedicating significant resources to develop visibility, analytics and collaboration capabilities required for proactive oversight


Analytics to Optimize Market Data Delivery Infrastructure

  • Automated discovery, decoding and analysis of the firm’s Informatica Ultra Messaging environment
  • Insight into market data gaps and other quality issues across all incoming third-party feeds
  • Highly granular network performance and capacity utilization insights to optimize data delivery, even during dynamic market conditions
  • Intuitive network capture, profiling, analysis, filtering, and search workflows that minimized analysis time and effort
  • Analytics-driven workflows for rapid problem identification, isolation, and resolution


Improved Delivery and Execution Performance

Risk of stale or gapped market data
Mean time to identify and resolve issues
Business impact of technology issues
Operations staff productivity
Data reliability during dynamic periods