Leading Insurer Reduces Risk and Improves Security Operations

User-centric network traffic analysis enpowers more effective, faster investigation and response.


Need for Improved Insight and Context to Protect Critical Digital Operations

  • Inadequate visibility across the network to effectively identify vulnerabilities and investigate suspicious activity
  • Limited insight to efficiently investigate the source and scope of security incidents


User-Centric Network Traffic Analysis Integrated with Existing Security Ecosystem

  • User-centric network traffic analysis of digital operations for customers, employees and remote associates
  • Uniquely granular and contextualized insights into user and host threat activity
  • Additional visibility into vulnerabilities, including weak encryption for user authentication and other critical communications
  • Automated and operationalized threat intelligence from multiple sources, to expand and accelerate breach detection
  • Unified single-click actions for file extraction, threat analysis, impact assessment, and mitigation
  • Integrated workflow to track attack indicators from the network into an endpoint, accelerating identification of the source and extent of breaches


More Efficient and Effective Security Operations

Scope of threat detection through more comprehensive visibility and rapid use of threat intelligence
Mean time to detect and remediation with integrated workflows
Security team productivity by minimizing the manual effort required for incident investigation
Value of existing security ecosystem by delivering seamless, integrated workflows across best of breed products addressing multiple threat surfaces