Investment Firm Improves Customer Satisfaction and Trade Execution

Corvil delivers insight to optimize trading strategies through end-to-end order lifecycle and market data analytics.


Obtaining Additional Insight to Optimize Multi-Manager Platform

  • Inadequate insight to assess and manage growing number of prime-brokers for optimal cost-performance across different portfolio teams
  • Lengthy, inconclusive responsiveness to portfolio managers regarding execution and market data quality inquiries


Insight to Optimize Trading Strategies by Providing End-To-End Order Lifecycle and Market Data Analytics and Performance Assurance

  • Market data quality insights across all equities and futures feeds to assure timely, complete price data
  • Visibility into portfolio group experience and performance across multiple venues or brokers
  • Data-driven workflows for proactive investigation of and response to portfolio team transaction inquiries
  • Insight into differences in venue or broker performance experienced by portfolio groups to optimize venue utilization and order routing
  • Infrastructure and platform metrics to optimize trade plant performance, capacity planning and transaction performance


Improved Business Execution, Technology Performance and Reliability, and Customer Satisfaction

Alignment between portfolio teams and operational execution teams through business-aligned analytics
Mean time to respond to portfolio teams’ transaction inquiries
Mean time to identify and resolve technology and transaction issues
Operational risk from technology and venue performance degradation
Risk of rapid business expansion by providing service and execution assurance capabilities