Inter-Dealer Market Assures Connectivity Health and Capacity

Corvil provides insight for capacity assurance, connectivity health, and customer support.


Reliably Accommodate Increasing Data and Messaging Volumes

  • Verify the infrastructure’s ability to reliably handle projected increases in data volumes and volatility
  • Identify, diagnose, and address data and quote delivery issues
  • Provide enhanced client connectivity service and responsiveness


High Performance Infrastructure Visibility and Analysis

  • Insight into network throughput, bandwidth utilization and load tolerances during various stress testing scenarios
  • Analysis of multicast market data gaps, microbursts and quality issues across all published feeds
  • Real-time network performance and capacity utilization insights to optimize data delivery, even during dynamic market conditions
  • Visibility into clients’ connectivity health and performance at the session level to improve client transparency and simplify problem resolution
  • Directional latency measurement through load balancers and firewalls to provide visibility into the performance impact of each device on user experience
  • Analytics-driven workflows for rapid problem identification, isolation, and resolution


Improved Control Over Dealer Connectivity Health and Experience

Capacity assurance and management
Data delivery quality and performance assurance
Responsiveness to client inquiries
Mean time to identify and resolve client issues
Risk of stale or gapped market data