Global Bank Improves Packet Capture TCO and Lays Foundation for Analytics

Corvil’s capture architecture reduces deployment footprint by 50% and protects investment with modular analytics upgrades.


Siloed Capture Products Complicated Network and Security Management

  • Complexity of multi-vendor packet capture products increasing ongoing maintenance costs
  • Limited ability of existing capture products to measure the performance impact of the dramatic increase in 40G firewalls, load balancers, and other in-line devices being deployed as part of the new security-focused datacenter architecture
  • Limited ability to adapt to changing capture and analytics needs at individual branches


Consolidation to a Single Network Capture Architecture Supporting Modular Analytics Upgrades

  • Standardized capture devices across new network architecture, simplifying deployment, regulatory certification, and ongoing maintenance
  • Intuitive access to packet captures, capture analytics, visual drill-downs, filtering, indexed search and single-click access that minimized manual analysis time and effort
  • Improved data quality assurance by detecting upstream packet drops and overloaded SPAN sessions
  • Streaming packet compression that maximized disk storage capacity up to 3 times over competitive products
  • IT Operations analytics at the edge for selected branch locations to improve application and service assurance
  • Ability to measure the precise directional latency through load balancers, firewalls, and other applications and devices, providing an understanding of the actual performance impact of each device on user experience
  • Streamlined, modular analytics upgrade path for deployed capture appliances


Improved Capture TCO, ROI and Deployment Flexibility

Number of supported capture vendors by 75%
Number of required capture appliances by 50%
Operational and maintenance costs
Staff productivity
Deployment flexibility for future analytics