Forex Broker Optimizes Outsourced Platform

Leading forex broker optimizes trade plant performance insights and analytics with Corvil.


Growing Forex Marketshare by Assuring Superior Client Experience on New Trading Platform

With rising competition for foreign exchange client order flow, the firm transitioned to managed technology services to more rapidly, and cost-effectively, deliver differentiating functionality to increase market share. The firm was also eager to avoid operational challenges of internally developed monitoring tools, such as:

  • Limited visibility and insights for correlating client execution with infrastructure performance to improve customer experience
  • Higher than expected delivery times as the firm’s execution analytics needs evolved
  • Escalating internal support costs of the monitoring tooling


Trade Plant Performance Optimization Insights and Analytics

Deployed across Europe, Asia, and America to analyze internal forex marketplace and market access connectivity, Corvil provided:

  • Full message transparency across FIX , ITCH, OUCH and other protocols across third-party matching and pricing engines
  • Insight into system load and performance metrics per host, per port for platform tuning and capacity management
  • Performance baselines to establish operational SLAs for the managed service provider
  • Rapid identification of performance outliers and non-deterministic behaviors across the platform instances to assure consistent client experience globally
  • Customer-specific insights into price delivery through an order acknowledgment process to simplify customer trade support
  • Streamlined, analytics-driven workflows for issue identification, isolation, and resolution replacing manual analysis
  • Customized dashboards for multiple stakeholders that improved collaboration with the trading platform and infrastructure outsourcers


Improved Delivery and Execution Performance

Client satisfaction and order flow
Effectiveness of platform optimization
Business impact of technology issues
Time to identify, isolate and resolve issues
Time to market for high-performance platform capabilities