Financial Services Firm Improves Dark Pool Competitiveness

Corvil’s packet capture improves on-boarding experience and service assurance while protecting investment with analytics upgrades.

Use Case

"We brought in Corvil because we are ... one of the largest dark pools, and we wanted to be competitive for all our clients who are connecting to us."


Limited Insight to Efficiently Optimize Service Delivery

  • "The clients measure us by the latency we have in matching their orders... We wanted to improve on the latencies being seen on the network from the client’s perspective."
  • "Previously, we had sniffers placed in the networking area and then we had to capture data and wait for an issue to recur. Then we could analyze the packets."


Real-time Analytics for Client Electronic Trading Order Flow


Improved Customer Experience and Support Efficiency

  • "When it comes to running a dark pool, of course, the side effect of having the best execution is getting better revenue, better order flow. It [Corvil] does help in terms of keeping the system competitive."
  • "Corvil has also very much reduced the time it takes to provide reporting or dashboards to answer business questions... It gives them [trade support] more information at hand to answer questions from clients."
  • "It frees up the resources who were looking at the network packets and looking at the connectivity and trying to analyze things packet-by-packet. Corvil does most of [that] job."