Cryptocurrency Exchange Delivers Optimal Trade Performance

Corvil provides visibility into each client’s order execution and latency.


Assuring Consistently Superlative Client Experience

  • Providing enhanced client service and responsiveness to order execution inquiries
  • Oversight of order execution performance across various clients
  • Assuring optimal technology performance during rapid onboarding and market volatility


Execution Analytics Across Client Order Lifecycle

  • Visibility into each client’s order execution and latency, searchable by member firm, by trader, by order type or by trading symbol
  • Order lifecycle tracking through the exchange’s enivronment
  • Analytics-driven workflows for rapid investigation of and response to order-related inquiries
  • Insight into the quality, completeness and timeliness of market data delivered to clients
  • Intelligence and analysis extracted from the exchange’s proprietary binary protocol
  • Seamless visibility across multiple client access options (including colocated cross-connects, VPN access, and web-based access through AWS infrastructure)


Improved Customer Experience and Support Efficiency

Client satisfaction and order flow growth
Trade support staff productivity
Time to respond to client inquiries
Time to isolating problem causes