Corvil Analytics and Pico Services for Crypto Markets

Trading solutions and crypto exchanges are predominantly deployed in the public cloud. As a result, market makers and other firms are also using the public cloud to engage in trading activities with these exchanges. Unfortunately, all parties are experiencing difficulties with this type of deployment; common issues are:

  • Random connection drops between the client and the exchange
  • Disputes over order flow and lack of visibility to credibly identify what happened to an order
  • Variable latency in the processing of an order
  • Challenges in optimizing every step in the order flow chain without knowing which step is causing the majority of the problems
  • Variable latency and congestion across the public cloud backbone between different cloud-hosted crypto venues

Download this solution brief to learn how the Corvil Analytics product and Pico Services can be leveraged by Crypto market makers and exchanges to maximize performance and provide service assurance in the crypto trading markets.

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