Managed Service

Monitor daily operations to lower costs, reduce risks, and enter markets faster.

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Lower Cost

Gain operational efficiencies without growing your IT footprint

Focused Expertise

Let Redline’s experts monitor exchange connectivity and diagnose issues

Improved Compliance

Recreate a time-accurate view of market events for successful compliance reviews

Reliable Colocation Hosting, Connectivity, and Monitoring

Redline Managed Service addresses the requirements of a growing number of firms that do not want to own the responsibility for the operational aspects of running electronic trading systems. By partnering with Redline to deploy performance-optimized IT infrastructure, establish exchange connectivity, provision remote access to your developers, and monitor daily production operations, we help you lower capital and operational costs, reduce risks, and enter new markets faster.

Redline’s experts provide 24-hour follow-the-sun coverage from our global operations centers in the U.S., U.K., and Singapore. We perform pre-market checkouts and real-time production monitoring. Our broad perspective of the markets and infrastructure enable our service professionals to quickly distinguish between street-wide issues and locally isolated issues. The guiding principles behind everything we do are driven by customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

Optimize Your Trading Solution

Pre-market open verification of market data and order entry systems, connections, and conditions

Real-time monitoring of market data feed quality and order execution infrastructure

Proactive performance analysis to ensure optimal latency, determinism, and throughput during bursts

Offload exchange-driven change compliance and risk management to Redline

Updates/upgrades of Redline software and hardware are scheduled and performed

Real-time alerting of electronic trading environment events

Knowledgeable service professionals ensure your environment’s integrity, risk management, and reputation are prioritized

Two Frameworks to Meet Your Needs


Redline procures performance-optimized trading servers, racks them in your preferred co-lo facilities, and cross-connects them to direct feeds or our RedlineFeed™ publisher hub. You install your trading applications and run pre-go-live tests while we monitor critical paths in your production environment. As a market data distributor, we leverage your entitlements system to ensure compliance. Additional services are available.


We install Redline applications on your co-located trading servers and monitor critical paths in your production environment. You arrange for market data directly with the exchanges and monitor your IT infrastructure. You may optionally authorize Redline to have direct server access for expedited and efficient application support.

Historical Market Data Service

Redline Managed Service can facilitate necessary infrastructure for you to record, manage, and archive your raw packet (pcap) data locally or remotely. We can also make our recorded data available to you, subject to exchange licensing terms. Our replay tools allow you to recreate a time-accurate replay of a trading day for compliance, testing and event forensics.

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