Market Data Analytics

Getting full value from your market data investment.

Market data available for your consumption on one network, globally—it’s that simple.

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The quality, completeness, and timeliness of market data impacts both strategy decisions (what to trade) and order execution decisions (where to trade).

Corvil pinpoints missing data and stale prices, tracks data delivery across your infrastructure, and measures the reaction speed of algo strategies – essential visibility for maximizing the value of expensive data feeds.


Focus expensive optimization on the biggest problems

Keep on top of changing market conditions

Foster collaboration with an integrated view of network performance and market data quality

Ensure you always have a clear picture - industry leading coverage of feeds across all global markets via monthly updates

"Corvil has a stellar reputation within the financial industry and is the only solution that can adequately handle the volume of market data we process at enough granularity. For us, there were really no good alternatives to Corvil.” - CTO, SAXO BANK

What are the key questions for market data delivery?

Are you getting a fast clean feed?

Ensure that the incoming data is complete, current and resilient. Check for gaps on incoming multicast feeds, monitor latency from the exchange publisher, and compare the overall quality of the primary and secondary feeds.

Can you get the data safely to your algo?

Identify missing data and measure latency across the infrastructure en route to the trading strategies. Pinpoint congested network hops or overloaded middleware transports. Measure the performance of feed handlers and primary/secondary line arbitration.

How quick is the algo response?

Complete the picture by correlate trading decisions and market data. Track the critical decision latency by matching an outgoing order to the tick that triggered it. Quantify how quickly the market can react to an order by correlating it with the public market data tick.

Solution Overview

Corvil taps into the market data flowing through the ticker plant infrastructure providing a real-time authoritative view of all market data feeds with nanosecond precision - every tick, every symbol across each infrastructure hop.

Corvil passively captures, timestamps, decodes, correlates and analyzes the market data flows, in real-time, with zero impact on the performance of the ticker plant infrastructure. The result is a real-time picture of the latency, performance and capacity utilization of the ticker plant. Operations personnel are alerted pro-actively when problems arise, and Corvil provides a sophisticated suite of analytics for detecting and troubleshooting market data specific issues e.g. determining whether the A or the B feed is the fastest, detecting market data gaps, predicting bandwidth requirements.

Corvil supports analytics plugins for hundreds of market data protocols across Equities, Options, Derivatives, FX and Fixed Income, including popular middleware protocols like Tibco. These are updated monthly and can be extended on-demand as required by our clients.

Corvil supports streaming its enriched timestamped data and detected ticker events to a wide range of external tools such as Kdb, Hadoop and Splunk.

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