Device Management

Pico offers device management to build, configure, monitor and manage client’s servers, offloading the responsibility of setup and maintenance.

Many of the worlds largest banks and most sophisticated trading firms trust Pico to manage their trading hardware.

Pico has more than 10,000 devices under management in nearly 600 data center racks around the globe, taking care of key trading assets on behalf of over 200 clients globally.

We use our “follow the sun” service operations model to continuously deploy, repair, rebuild and replace equipment on behalf of our customers.

Our experienced platform team can manage and support the full spectrum of client hardware estates, from a single server to multiple racks around the globe.

We have a central management platform tailored to support specific build requirements, and we offer a range of services to meet client needs. We can undertake simple monitoring, alerting and break-fix, or provide server build and deployment, patching, release management and software updates according to your requirements.

Hardware Build Only
  • A client can choose to procure their hardware through Pico using our Procurement as a Service offering, or they can provide their own

  • Pico can set up a client’s infrastructure through our standard builds, or we can create a customized one

  • We can support performance and latency tuning, hardware setup and BIOS tuning, core pinning and isolation, OS configuration and network configuration

  • Pico validates the hardware configuration and performs QA checks prior to handover to ensure it is ready for service —if something doesn’t work, we will be there to fix it

  • The hardware is handed over to the client ready for service and can be integrated with the client’s own systems

Build/Ongoing Management
  • When Pico fully manages a client’s servers, we have complete and total access to build, configure, patch, monitor and control.

  • Pico specifies OS patching frequency, packages and firmware upgrade—our expert team manages server patching using established best practices.

  • Our 24/7 service desk will continuously monitor the performance and health of the infrastructure, notify customers of potential problems, troubleshoot and swap out defective hardware or replace software as required.

  • Full details on our Infrastructure Analytics and Server Monitoring Services page.


Using Pico to provide these services allows customers to scale their business quickly by adding new hardware in existing locations and leverage automation to build, deploy and monitor in response to client demands or expanding business opportunities.

Automation also ensures that a common standard can be implemented across a customer’s global footprint. A common global standard offers a number of benefits including reduced operational risk, quicker trouble-shooting and easier change management.Use our procurement services and benefit from our favorable pricing, and use the same team to continue the build of your infrastructure once the components have been procured for rapid deployment.

Our platforms facilitate error-free “zero-touch provisioning” with minimal human intervention and include QA features to ensure that we hand-over a fully tested and error free environment. Hardware, patching and network configuration and functionality are all tested by our systems, any problems can be identified and rectified, and then re-tested before we hand over the environment ready for production.

Zero-touch provisioning

Automated patching cycles tailored to your specific change windows

Enforce a common standard on your global estate

Reduce demands on your internal resource

Scale quickly using our automated platform

Global service model for build, deploy and monitoring

Use a single channel for central administration of delivery and ongoing support

"Right First Time" delivery

Eliminates disruption to live environments

Ensure consistent performance for your software anywhere

Simplifies change management and trouble shooting

Focus on more value-add activities

Grow your business without needing to hire or reallocate resource from other tasks

Rapid time to market and minimum down-time

Simplify administration, increase visibility

Using Pico allows for your device management allows you to tap into our Global 24/7 operations team available at a fraction of what it would cost you to build it yourself. The calibre of our clients dictates that we maintain best-in-class standards and practices for monitoring and maintenance. But we apply this across our footprint whether for the largest or smallest of our customers, from a single server to multiple racks.

Let Pico Manage Your Infrastructure


Automated cycles tailored to your specific change windows.


Impose a common standard on your global estate using a single channel for central administration of delivery and ongoing support.


Reduce dependency on operational teams who can focus on more value-add activities.


Scale quickly using our automated platform which will allow your business to grow without resource constraints.

Global Reach

Global service model allows us to build, deploy, monitor and fix whilst you sleep.

Best Practices

Pico’s environment is designed inline with our infrastructure as code best practices.


Access over 300 global market venues via PicoNet™, our private ultra low-latency proprietary network mesh. Extremely flat, minimizing hops and latency wherever possible, PicoNet™ is ultra-resilient and fault-tolerant, providing the fastest path connections between on-net co-location sites.