Service Operations

Pico’s Global Service Operations team provides 24/7 direct client support globally.

With presence in all 3 regions (AMRS, EMEA and APAC), our Global Service Operations team support our clients via a “Follow the Sun” model.

Each region has local engineering expertise providing 24/7 direct client support. We conduct automated checkouts in each region allowing for global stability and follow a well-defined rules of engagement run book. Our flexibility allows for adherence to client change management requirements for their dedicated environment. Our network is fully instrumented with Corvil Analytics for continuous monitoring and analysis, leading to higher overall reliability, reduced incident “Mean Time to Resolve” (“MTTR”) and “Mean Time to Innocence” (“MTTI”) rates.

Pico Service Operations Center in New York City

Our Global Service Operations Team operates as an extension of your team. As such, see below for a list of artifacts that can be customized to meet the client’s needs, in support of superior client service.

Our Global Service Operations Team is an Extension of Your Team.


Pico to contact the client at agreed-upon intervals after completing changes that may affect the client’s environments.


Start of Week (SoW) and Start of Day (SoD) checks to cover the entire scope of client’s environments managed directly by Pico or those client’s environments not managed directly by Pico, yet dependent upon Pico infrastructure.


Pico proposes the establishment of monthly service reviews for those incidents affecting the various client environments (to include status and RFO).


Pico has installed taps on every inter-data center and venue link and has Corvil appliances deployed in each data center. Instrumentation and telemetry metrics gathered include PTP drift analysis, venue access latency and jitter, network bandwidth utilization, etc.


  • To maintain the highest level of service, support and partnership, Pico recommends monthly service reviews. The frequency of these reviews are subject to client preference

  • At these service reviews, we cover a list of items around service requests and operations, including transparent metrics on client service requests, deliveries and incidents

    • Metrics include speed of delivery and time to resolution

  • Reviews also include updates on Pico projects and products as well as discussion of longer-term client projects

  • Typical service review content includes:

    • Service request ticket summaries

    • Incident Analysis

    • Latency, Bandwidth, and Instrumentation Reporting


Access over 300 global market venues via PicoNet™, our private ultra low-latency proprietary network mesh. Extremely flat, minimizing hops and latency wherever possible, PicoNet™ is ultra-resilient and fault-tolerant, providing the fastest path connections between on-net co-location sites.