At Pico, security is paramount. Transparency, integrity, and reliability are values we live by.

Not only does Pico know how to accelerate business, we know how to do it securely. We are industry experts in providing security without compromising latency and speed. We have a dedicated security staff with a combined experience of over 30+ years in the capital markets and financial services industry.

Network & Host Based Security
Threat & Vulnerability Management
Identity & Access Management
Enterprise Security Monitoring
Audit & Compliance Services

​Network & Host Based Security

  • Security Enhanced Linux (SE Linux)
  • TCP Wrappers
  • Firewall (IP Tables / SolarSecure)
  • Role Based Authentication
  • Least Privileged Access Model

Threat & Vulnerability Management

Know your network, let Pico provide the transparency and protections that are critical to business. Security is a continuously evolving and ever-present state, new vulnerabilities and threats occur daily. Know the landscape and address weaknesses with Pico. We specialize in the financial services industry and focus on whats important.

Identity & Access Management

Ensure that only the appropriate personnel have access to the appropriate systems. Access management is a fundamental control and can become an organizations biggest liability. Seamless integration across locations providing the transparency and ease of use while ensuring the appropriate access is maintained, reviewed and monitored.

Enterprise Security Monitoring

We know security is a critical component of our business and our customers success. We continuously make investments in our technology and people, partner with industry leading security technology providers and follow the standards and frameworks (NIST, COBIT, ISO) that is critical to our customer’s needs.

Audit & Compliance Services

In today’s landscape, regulatory, audit and compliance requirements are ever-increasing. We partner with our clients to provide the assurance and transparency needed in today’s organizations. Our expertise allows us to think ahead and help design, implement and provide the ongoing assurances and transparency needed.

Technologies and Strategies

Pico utilizes industry leading technologies, monitored and managed by Dedicated staff with over 30+ years of experience in the highly visible and regulated fast-paced financial services and capital markets industry.

SOC2 Type 2 Accreditation GDPR Compliant

Firewalls and Access Control Lists


Enterprise-Grade Defense-in-Depth Security

Industry Leading Technologies

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing and Assessments

Data Loss Prevention


Multi-factor Authentication

Enterprise Security Monitoring platform

Real-time Event Processing, Alerting and Monitoring

Intrusion Detection & Protections

Network and Host-based security

Mature, Tested Policies and Procedures

Robust Patching and Vulnerability Management Program

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Comprehensive Global Security Policies

Global Security Information & Event Management platform

Regular Employee Awareness & Training

Business Continuity and Resiliency Plan

Formalized Incident Response Process

Email Security

NIST Framework

Perimeter Defenses

Host Based Controls

Mobile Device Security

Dedicated Information Security Group

Secure Web Gateway & Sandboxing