Delivery Management

Providing exceptional Delivery Management has been critical to our client’s success and their high level of satisfaction with Pico services.

At Pico, we understand the critical nature of service delivery and operations support. Our Global Delivery Management and Service Operations organization is run by senior technical leaders across all regions, providing 24/7 coverage to better serve our clients. Our goal in Delivery Management is to support accurate, timely delivery of contracted services.

Pico is an extension of our clients’ teams. Pico partners closely with our global clients, working alongside their technology and support teams. Our Global Delivery Management team pays special attention to project planning, applying rigor and detail to each phase. Each new initiative is assigned a project manager who coordinates closely with a dedicated Global Delivery Management team.

We have the flexibility to construct the plan to provide early access to certain areas of the build based on client requirements. Upon delivery and client acceptance, the service delivery team conducts a formal handover to the Global Service Operations team for a smooth transition to ongoing support.

Step 1 : Project Kickoff and Planning

Upon awarding of the contract, the assigned Pico Project Manager / Service Delivery Manager will draft a detailed and formal project plan, leveraging it to drive delivery of the build out.

  • The Pico GDM will work closely with the client team to document requirements for all applicable systems and services

  • The GDM will apply rigor and detail in developing a well-defined project plan for delivery

    • Factoring in longest lead times for such components as telco, hardware, etc.

    • Parallelizing tasks where possible, in order to ensure time-to-market delivery

    • Plan can be constructed such that early access can be provided to the client build, either to a specific data center or set of infrastructure

  • GDM will leverage project plan to drive client initiative, chairing weekly status calls to communicate progress to milestones, potential risks, etc.

Step 2 : Plan Execution and Implementation

  • Work closely with Procurement to ensure that all components and circuit terminations are delivered.

  • Coordinate across Pico engineering teams to facilitate the build, including racking / stacking and patching etc.

  • Once complete, kick-off multi-step quality assurance phase:

    • Physical patch vs patching schedule confirmation

    • Elevation verification

    • Logical interface verification

    • Environment PEN testing

    • User acceptance testing

Step 3 : Handover and Knowledge Transfer

  • Knowledge Transfer Document, compiling all final delivery details

  • Engage with Global Service Operations upon client approval to ensure global teams are well versed and prepared

  • Host a Hand-Over meeting to step though Knowledge Transfer Document

  • Confirm client sign off before moving to “Go Live”


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