VoIP Analytics

Scalable real-time visibility of VoIP performance.

Corvil passively taps into the packet data flowing in the network and automatically discovers all VoIP calls, tracks the lifecycle of the call and reports the key performance metrics in real-time.

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Unparalleled Scale

Corvil 10000 can monitor 100G networks and analyze up to 20,000 concurrent calls per appliance.

Open APIs

Extensive open APIs and live streaming of key metrics to Splunk, Nagios, Orion, and other third-party operations management solutions.

Vendor Agnostic

Corvil can work with any VoIP system, regardless of the manufacturer and allows organizations to easily integrate into their existing infrastructure.

Report the real user experience for every VoIP call in real-time with one-click access to the underlying VoIP signalling and media packets to quickly troubleshoot user complaints.


Ensuring high-quality voice communication is essential for any business, but managing VoIP infrastructure can be a complex and challenging task. VoIP issues are highly visible and can severely impact the day-to-day operations of an organization.

Large organizations often have complex and distributed VoIP infrastructures, and audio quality is extremely sensitive to latency. Call setup issues can occur at multiple stages in the signaling path and can be caused by interoperability problems between vendors, configuration issues, or overloaded servers. Additionally, VoIP must compete with other network traffic, which can adversely affect voice signaling and call quality.

It can be difficult for organizations to justify the cost of a standalone tool for VoIP, as it is just one of many critical services. Current products may not be able to scale to report the real user experience for every VoIP call. Additionally, service provider WAN performance can impact VoIP quality, but latency, jitter, and loss for user calls are not always measured.


  • Improved audio quality and reliability for all users across the VoIP estate

  • Proactive problem identification with live production dashboards and alerts

  • Increased operational efficiency with call-oriented workflows

  • Cost-effective and flexible with options for full analytics and pure packet capture for 20,000 concurrent calls

  • Hold vendors accountable by reporting latency, jitter, and loss with packet captures as a source of truth


The Corvil Analytics solution uniquely mines the packet data flowing in the network by automatically discovering all VoIP calls, tracking the lifecycle of the call and reporting the key performance metrics in real time. Corvil provides real-time reporting and troubleshooting of performance issues for VoIP services. This includes tracking the full lifecycle of every call from setup to teardown and reporting on real user experience based on MOS scores derived from actual RTP traffic seen on the network. MOS scores are reported based on jitter and loss measurements of 100% of RTP media traffic for up to 20,000 concurrent calls in a single appliance.

Client Use Cases

Global Investment Bank

  • Complex global network – multiple sites in US, UK, and throughout APAC

  • Mixed engineering/infrastructure due to acquisitions

  • Enterprise voice applications w/ multiple conferencing vendors

  • Business-critical Trader Voice application

U.S. Emergency Contact Center

  • Handling calls for police, fire and medical emergencies for Phoenix Metro Area

  • 2.4M calls per year

  • 27 physical locations linked by emergency service IP network

  • Call quality critical for dispatchers in emergency situations

U.S. Major Insurance Carrier

  • 30,000 operators across sales and claims departments

  • Up 20,000 simultaneous calls

  • Multiple VoIP vendors

  • Multiple Inbound Call Support providers

  • Overnight migration to remote working in 2020

European Public Sector Call Center

  • Largest call center in Europe

  • 30,000 agents across call centers, 200 offices and work-from-home

  • 1M calls per week

  • 5,000 simultaneous calls

VoIP Analytics Features

Voice Quality Metrics
RTP MOS, Jitter and loss based on measuring 100% of network packets for every VoIP call.

VoIP Signaling Problems
Report on call setup times and signaling errors for the full breadth of VoIP protocols including some vendor variants.

Improper QoS Marking
Automatically discover and report on all RTP media packets that have not been marked as EF on the network.

Concurrent Calls
Discover and report the maximum concurrent call active at any signaling gateway/SBC.

Quality Analysis By Codec
Report MOS scores per discovered Codec active in the network.

Service Provider PerformanceMeasure the point to point latency, loss and jitter for every RTP media packet as they traverse your service provider WAN links.

QoS Analysis
Analyze queuing and configure appropriate bandwidth for the VoIP priority queues.

Signaling TCP Analysis
Correlate signaling problems with underlying TCP performance issues: network effects like retransmission and slow response times, or server overload indicators like zero window advertisements.

Central Management

Auto-discover VoIP calls at all instrumented points

Central real-time dashboard of VoIP service

Central indexing and search on any VoIP call

One click access to VoIP call packets

Scalable Monitoring

Instrument strategic segments of the network

Solution scales linearly, analyses up to 20,000 concurrent calls per appliance

Optionally choose to deploy cost effect capture only appliances on remote network segments


Corvil VoIP app for Splunk

Real-time reporting based on VoIP call records

Ladder diagram visualizations of call lifecycle

PCAP export for any call

Focus on Trader Voice

Compatible with BT and IPC Trader Voice Solutions

Detect Failed Turret Registrations which can Lead to Compliance Blindspots

Complete Capture History Serves as Backup to Voice Recorder System

Live Monitoring and Periodic Updates for Long-Lived "Private Wire" VoIP Conversations

Continuous Quality Monitoring for All Calls

Get real-time visibility and analytics to monitor your VoIP infrastructure.