Trade Plant Performance Analysis

Improve the Performance of Trades Across the Order Lifecycle

Understanding why execution quality is degrading or how it can be further optimized is critical for maintaining competitive advantage. By analyzing orders as they are transformed by each system, Corvil reveals the impact on end-to-end performance and identifies where to invest in optimizing for greatest return on investment.


  • Fragmented visibility limits end-to-end performance optimization
  • Limited correlation between order lifecycle and technology performance
  • Continual technology innovation needed to maintain competitiveness
  • Limited insight into performance impact of technology updates
  • Lengthy timeframes to identify and diagnose performance outliers
  • DIY monitoring projects can lengthen innovation time to market

What you get with Corvil

  • More effective performance and capacity optimization
  • Improved order tracking with correlation across protocol changes
  • Better understanding the performance impact of every component
  • Faster detection and response to performance outliers and issues
  • Improved trade support with visibility into specific orders
  • Simplified collaboration across business and technology teams

"In deploying Corvil, we are integrating the de facto industry standard technology on which many of our clients already rely, allowing us to focus on delivering new features, stability, and a better quality product instead of developing bespoke internal tools."


Trade Performance Analytics

Highly Granular
Recorded with UTC synchronized, nanosecond time-stamps, Corvil provides a highly granular and actionable audit trail of all activity, accurately time sequenced to understand cause and effect.

Customizable Dashboards
See infrastructure latency in true real-time with flexible and intuitive dashboards. Explore and interact with the data. Quickly drill into events to investigate root cause, or select longer time periods to spot trends, performance patterns & anomalies.

Complex Latency Correlations
Corvil’s correlation engine reports the per-message latency across each infrastructure hop. It takes care of multiple protocols and messaging changes that occur across devices such as Gateways and SORs.

Infrastructure Scaling
Using Microburst rather than average measurements, Corvil provides a detailed understanding of transient and dynamic loads, enabling infrastructure components to be correctly scaled to meet performance requirements.

Multi-Hop Transaction Tracking
Corvil’s multi-hop analysis tracks transactions across network and application hops, to execution venues and back again. It provides an intuitive and graphical representation of the latency over the entire journey.

Real-Time Alerting
Analyzing transactions in real-time reveals performance anomalies as they happen. When latency spikes occur, Corvil immediately notifies operations teams and provides the crucial data to understand and resolve the event.