Network Capture

Market-leading network capture platform, optimized for trading environments.

Supporting up to 100Gbps and industry leading Price/Performance, Corvil Network Capture ensures complete and reliable packet capture for your trading network, preventing loss even through sudden large and extended bursts of traffic, such as market open / close.


  • Rapidly distinguish between network and server originated issues.

  • No configuration required. Low cost of ownership for network operations with intuitive workflows.

  • Faster collaboration and reduced finger-pointing across multiple teams.

  • Lower MTTR by providing maximum visibility. Corvil is not limited to 1 second averages, all metrics are available per packet.

Problem Overview

You can't analyze what you don't capture. Many organizations seeking more effective investigations, more efficient service assurance and faster issue resolution are looking to packet captures for answers. While "packets don't lie", capturing them at scale, and enabling operations teams to rapidly get to the right subset of the global captures, is not easy. Organizations unable to balance the cost of a global solution and requirements across teams will lack the foundational data acquisition and visibility needed.

Solution Overview

Fully distributed architecture that scales linearly as a packet capture deployment grows. The platform offers deployment options ranging in storage from 3 TB’s to 100’s of TB’s of effective capture storage on a single device. This delivers a distributed packet data system containing potentially petabytes of packets that can be queried from a single interface. You have immediate access to global captures with a one click export to download PCAP to your desktop; support for all leading network packet brokers port tagging and time-stamping capabilities and programmatic API for packet capture filtering and export.

Use Cases

Delivers fast, intuitive access to packet captures across all devices, for a variety of uses, including:

Familiar query and filter syntax (including tshark and BPF).

Performing forensic investigations

Resolving service, application, or network issues

Key Benefits

Fast PCAP Export

"Turbo" ensures that even if a Corvil appliance is capturing at high speed, PCAPs can be exported at high speed to ensure a responsive user experience.


Corvil appliances handle up to 100Gbps, can be horizontally scaled and provide a single point of orchestration, visibility and investigation via a central manager.

Aggregation Tap Support

Port tagging and timestamp support for all major vendor. Only Corvil can automatically capture packs at multiple points and store each copy of the packets, rather than deduplicate.


Flexibile, module-based system enables quick and easy software upgrade paths from Network Capture to Network Analytics, and Trading Analytics.


Automatic streaming compression of all packets maximizes disk capacity and historical access to packets. Provides up to 3x improved burst support, capture and storage.


All data is automatically hardware-encrypted at rest using AES-256, to ensure a high level of data security.

Deep Buffering

Reduce costs by sizing your monitoring infrastructure deployment for average traffic rates, not for the traffic bursts or 1-second peaks which may be 10x or more above average.

Timestamp Precision

All Corvil appliances support PTP clock synhronisation for precision packet and message time stamping, including when integrated with aggregation tap infrastructure.