Corvil Sensor

Seamless packet-level visibility and analytics for virtual and cloud environments.

Business transactions and workloads increasingly operate across a complex mix of virtualized data centers, distributed colocation facilities, remote offices and desktops. Assuring user experiences across those complex environments requires more visibility from more locations across the network. However, the packet-level analysis required by IT teams is increasingly difficult to obtain from those infrastructures.

Corvil Sensor extends packet-level visibility to a wide variety of environments without physical appliances and without packet brokers. Architected for deployment flexibility, the lightweight agent is pre-configured and packaged for automated deployment in virtual servers and desktops within seconds. Corvil Sensor automatically registers and streams selected network data to the Corvil analytics platform. The result is seamless visibility, analysis and operational workflows for managing performance.


  • Rapid, Self-Attaching Deployment

  • Lightweight CPU and Memory Footprint Workflows

  • Eliminate Blind Spots

  • Cost Effective Instrumentation (No Packet Broker Required)

  • Reliable Packet Capture and Delivery

  • Accurate Timestamping Before Packet Forwarding

  • Kernel Bypass Support for High Performance Systems with Solarflare

  • Future-Proofed Against Cloud Migration

"Network data from within public and hybrid cloud environments has been a missing link, and deploying physical appliances into the cloud is not feasible. Corvil Sensor’s software minimizes the effort and cost of obtaining high-quality data from the cloud environments and provides critical visibility."

Enterprise Strategy Group

Key Benefits

Seamless Visibility

Obtain the same level of granular L2-L7 visibility across remote, virtual, and physical environments.

Lower Mean Time To Repair

Simplify troubleshooting with immediate visibility into individual application transactions, types of database queries, performance metrics, etc..

Increased Productivity

Analyze user experience leveraging packets streamed live from the user’s desktop.

Cost Effective Scalability

Delivers zero cost instrumentation of network data in public cloud, private cloud and virtualized data centers.

Agile Deployment

Lightweight agent deploys in seconds anywhere across a complex mix of remote, virtual, hybrid cloud, and physical infrastructure.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Extend visibility to on-server application components with kernel bypass support for systems with Solarflare.

"Packet level visibility and analytics become the driving force for optimizing complex cloud environments, and Corvil helps businesses ensure service delivery meets user’s expectations."

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