Corvil APIs & SDK

Empower organizations to integrate, automate, and extend Corvil capabilities.

Corvil API and Corvil's SDK empower organizations to integrate, automate, and extend Corvil to match the infrastructure requirements and needs of diverse stakeholders and organizations. This open architecture enables Corvil to interact intelligently with other tools, resulting in a stronger enterprise ecosystem which delivers more value from existing investments.

Corvil's SDK includes documentation, code samples, and resources to make it faster and more efficient to program using Corvil API or to build your own analytics plugins. The Corvil SDK is available under an annual subscription.


  • Improved productivity as tasks are automated

  • Improved visibility into proprietary business flows

  • Improved value realization from existing solutions

Key Benefits

Open Data Sharing

Integrate real-time and historical metrics, summarized statistics and events into reports and other business applications.

Trigger External Application Actions

Integrate streaming event data with external applications via Corvil API or Corvil Connectors to trigger specific actions and automate process steps.

Extend Visibility To Proprietary Business Flows

Create custom Analytics Plugins for custom protocols and applications to get the same level of accurate intelligence to optimize and assure critical transactions.

Define Exclusive Business Metrics

Create custom Analytics Plugins to measure real-time business-specific metrics. These metrics are automatically correlated with Corvil’s infrastructure performance metrics, creating unique insights to drive competitive advantage.

Retrieve Stored Packet Data

Support and automate various forensic analysis use-cases that require packet capture export.

Eliminate Application Blind Spots

Improve visibility into performance characteristics of latency-sensitive and high-throughput applications using Corvil App Agent, which is provided as a software library with a simple API.