Corvil Certified Expert in Electronic Trading (CCE)

This hands-on practical classroom course teaches you how to monitor trading flows, manage market data quality and how to configure full multi-hop visibility. You will also learn how to integrate Corvil through Corvil Sensor, Streams and Connectors, and how to gain the complete authoritative view from your network for compliance and regulatory purposes.

Upcoming Dates

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Key Information

Corvil Administrators and Config Users from the Electronic Trading sector.

Two Day Classroom Course

It is mandatory to complete Corvil Certified Administrator prior to taking this course.

To achieve certification, it is necessary to take a written and practical exam. This may be taken immediately after the course.

USD 2,640 / EUR 2,400 / GBP 2,000

Course Modules

Overview of Electronic Trading

This module introduces you to the key players and instruments in the financial markets and shows you how Corvil is used to assure the performance and operation of dynamic trading environments.

Understanding Order Flow

Explore how to extract full visibility of client and venue behavior and performance. Learn how to leverage Corvil Discovery, Tagging and Dashboards to manage your traffic, with a practical exercise in monitoring order entry latency and performance from multiple clients to multiple venues.

Market Data Monitoring

Review key market data measures and learn how to leverage Corvil Plug-ins to monitor market data and manage market data latency. The accompanying practical activity challenges you to configure gap detection, microburst and feed failures to report and troubleshoot on two feeds.

Configuring Multi-Hop Visibility

Monitor the performance of every component in your infrastructure hop by hop. Learn how to configure Corvil to monitor trading flows across gateways, SORs and network components. Configure DMA gateway latency, order-to-tick latency and tick-to-order latency.

Integration and Compliance

Introduces Corvil’s application agent, streams and connectors and demonstrates how these features can be used to gain the complete and authoritative view from your network for compliance and regulatory purposes.


To achieve certification, you can take our online practical and theory examination.