Custom Analytics

Custom analyses and visualizations without referring to the command line.

Corvil Intelligence Hub includes an interactive, web-based analysis notebook that enables business analysts, data engineers, and data scientists to organize, document and share custom analyses. Custom analyses and visualizations can be created without referring to the command line, needing the cluster details, or requiring distributed systems programming skills.

Notebooks can be saved as files and shared as a URL with collaborators. Multiple users can work interactively with sub-sections with long workflows.

Additionally, as organizations become more data driven, having tangible work product artifacts for projects becomes more important. Notebooks can enable access to actual queries, documented assumptions, and the results in one place. This reinforces reproducibility and reusability, as the analysis can be rerun with different assumptions by anyone who has access to the notebook.


  • Modern data science studio for developing custom analytics
  • Improved collaboration and productivity
  • Custom analysis is reproducible and reusable