Corvil Search

Discover, Decode and Reconstruct your Application and Business Data Flows

Corvil plugs into your network data to discover, decode and reconstruct your application and business data flows. Corvil Search indexes your application and business data and makes it searchable, providing you with direct access to what is happening in your business right now, as well as the historical analysis.

Whether you search for order or transaction identifiers, URLs, or customers, the data you retrieve is quickly returned and provides you with the context in which it was found. So, if you want to confirm what happened to a particular transaction, you can simply type the transaction ID and immediately see the history of the transaction, all related messages, and its path through the application tiers.

Global centrally searchable index

Terabytes of network data are captured and indexed locally, but the distributed index is centrally searchable via the Corvil Center. Imagine the power of a single global index of network data that can be easily searched in parallel across your entire Corvil deployment. If you search for a transaction, you can immediately see which data center processed it, and where it traveled.


  • Instantly finds and records important data
  • The network data context is only one click away
  • Automatically indexes billions of transaction IDs, order IDs, customer names, URLs