Full Transparency as a service for your trading and market data operations.

Solution-based pricing. Monthly fee based on subscribed use cases, level and scale. Independent of Corvil hardware and software costs.

Unrivalled domain skills and experience by dedicated Corvil Certified Experts (CCE) to design, provision, operate and maintain Corvil instrumentation. Operated by team of Corvil experts in Pico NOC.

Full alignment, prioritization and accountability across a single team, streamlining delivery from hardware through to production change requests.

Get full visibility and insight into your Pico-hosted trading and market-data operations with Corvil Analytics delivered as a service by Corvil experts and managed via the Pico NOC.

Corvil’s unparalleled analytic insights are now available from Pico as a hosted, managed service. Corvil experts will design, implement, configure, manage and maintain your Corvil installation for a fixed monthly fee.

You will have direct access to live dashboards and full Corvil functionality, including advanced use cases like tick-to-trade and multi-hop tracking, plus full access to packet capture and export.

Why Corvil Analytics?

Corvil Analytics is the leader in performance monitoring and analytics for electronic financial markets. Corvil products capture, analyze and learn from network data. The resulting intelligence is delivered to business and IT stakeholders with self-service analysis and machine learning-powered anomaly detection.

What's Included?

Operations teams get a dedicated Corvil login, with complete visibility of their trading and market-data operations. Live dashboards track client performance, venue connectivity and per hop latency across the infrastructure. Trade support can search for orders, track them across the infrastructure, troubleshoot application behavior, and retrieve packets captures. Scheduled end of day reports provide tailored views of the day’s trading.

Why Pico?

Pico customers take advantage of the fast time to market and flexibility of Pico managed infrastructure services, with global colocation coverage and unrivaled deployment speed, flexibility and reliability. Corvil as a Service adds the benefits of Corvil analytics, delivered and maintained by a team of Corvil experts

How is the Service Managed and Maintained?

Setting up and maintaining this kind of visibility takes expertise. Corvil as a Service removes the need to hire and manage in-house Corvil experts to configure and maintain potentially complex Corvil instrumentation. Instead, Pico’s Corvil experts set up tailored dashboards and reports, and you get access to all the data, metrics and captures that you need. Pico manages the hardware life-cycle, monitoring appliance headroom and scheduling upgrades as required.

"Cheaper is great but I cannot stress enough that time to market is the big value as we struggle with this at the moment. It takes months to get anything done."

Head of Cash Technologies
Tier 1 Global Bank

  • Accurate high-performance capture of UTC timestamped granular (Machine-Time) data – Wire, Host, Application.

  • Stream to Intelligence Hub or internal data stores, mine for trade performance insight, store for compliance support.

  • Application Development can see before and after latency, per order, trace messages through the plant, and understand software throughput and latency.

  • Standard and tailored reports, scheduled and emailed and delivered daily, weekly, monthly. Provide transparency to internal and external stakeholders.

  • Quickly create a detailed report of trading activity and performance by selecting two things: The client and the time period of interest.

  • Corvil reporting is highly customizable allowing you to include the metrics you care about; from network layer stats such as retransmissions or zero window advertisements to order stats such as traded volume message counts and fill rates.

  • See infrastructure latency with flexible and intuitive live dashboards.

  • Explore and interact with the data. Quickly drill into events to investigate root cause, or select longer time periods to spot trends, performance patterns & anomalies.

  • When a client order experiences a high response time, or a market-data event takes too long to trigger an outgoing order, it’s important to understand precisely where the latency was introduced, so that remedial action can be taken.

  • With a single click, Corvil’s Multi-hop analysis, tracks a transaction through each hop of the infrastructure, including the associated response message in the reverse direction.

  • The results are displayed in a graphical sequence diagram, detailing the precise latency for each hop.

  • Drill down into market-data gaps, slow orders, bottlenecked clients.

  • Resolve issues fast with a single data set shared by network and application operations, backed by every packet and every decode, with the ability to search, filter and visualize from months to nanoseconds.

  • Corvil as a Service is deployed in Pico’s secure environment and managed by our SOC2 compliant NOC team.

  • Corvil as a Service instances are dedicated per customer.

  • Design. Whether it’s a new build-out, or existing infrastructure, Pico will design the full analytics deployment to fit your needs, from network taps to scheduled reports and data streaming.

  • Delivery. Pico's experts deploy the necessary hardware and configure the analytics. With full access to the environment, Pico’s Intellihands engineers will typically implement the solution in a fraction of the time it usually takes in-house engineers.

  • Production. Corvil as a Service deployments and monitored and managed by the Pico NOC team, ensuring the highest levels of service delivery.

  • Solution Design – close collaboration with Corvil experts prior to deployment to agree use-cases and design solution

  • Fast Rollout – working in lockstep with Pico infrastructure teams, Corvil Analytics are deployed and configured at ‘Pico speed’

  • Exceptional Service – managed by a team of Corvil experts in the Pico NOC

  • Full Analytics – including packet capture, market-data analytics, trade flow analytics, multi-hop latency measurement across infrastructure and applications, decoding and streaming of data

  • Reporting – provide transparent execution to clients. Customer-ready reports automatically generated and delivered - end of day, week, month.

  • Self Service – access to logins on dedicated systems for retrieval of captures, live dashboards, troubleshooting, and API access to all data.

  • Expertise on tap – Dashboard and report tailoring, Multi-hop latency configuration development and Decoder development

  • Managed hardware – refreshes as required

  • Software upgrades – scheduled out of hours upgrades ensure you get the benefits of the latest features and functionality as they become available.