Network Analytics

Market-leading traffic analytics platform, optimized for electronic trading.

Empowers operations teams with the real-time visibility and analytics they require to monitor, optimize and diagnose network health more effectively.

From the moment you plug in Corvil, you will be able to monitor trends and pinpoint issues across millions of network flows, with automatic analytics that enable you to easily explore your traffic, interactively grouping, sorting and filtering to help you rapidly isolate root cause with the assisted investigative workflows, packet resolution drill-down and easy access to the source packets.

With intuitive workflows and granular insights; operations teams can quickly isolate issues and easily identify emerging trends that warrant closer attention and then pivot and drill-down into the detail to understand the root cause.


  • Rapidly distinguish between network and server originated issues

  • No configuration required. Low cost of ownership for network operations with intuitive workflows

  • Lower MTTR by providing maximum visibility. Corvil is not limited to 1-second averages, all metrics available per packet to see every event and understand root cause, enabling teams to absolve the network of blame and support other teams to find the root cause of user complaints and application brownouts

  • Faster collaboration and reduced finger-pointing across multiple teams. Quickly and clearly absolve the network of blame

Things You Can Do With Corvil

MARKET DATADiscover and monitor Market data


WAN CONGESTIONPinpoint the cause of WAN congestion


CONNECTIVITYInvestigate client connectivity issues



Fast PCAP Export

"Turbo" ensures that even if a Corvil appliance is capturing at high speed, PCAPs can be exported at high speed to ensure a responsive user experience.


Corvil appliances handle up to 100Gbps, can be horizontally scaled and provide a single point of orchestration, visibility and investigation via a central manager.

Aggregation Tap Support

Port tagging and timestamp support for all major vendor. Only Corvil can automatically capture packs at multiple points and store each copy of the packets, rather than deduplicate.


Flexibile, module-based system enables quick and easy software upgrade paths from Network Capture to Network Analytics, and Trading Analytics.


Automatic streaming compression of all packets maximizes disk capacity and historical access to packets. Provides up to 3x improved burst support, capture and storage.


All data is automatically hardware-encrypted at rest using AES-256, to ensure a high level of data security.

Deep Buffering

Reduce costs by sizing your monitoring infrastructure deployment for average traffic rates, not for the traffic bursts or 1-second peaks which may be 10x or more above average.

Timestamp Precision

All Corvil appliances support PTP clock synhronisation for precision packet and message time stamping, including when integrated with aggregation tap infrastructure.

Patented, highly granular bandwidth utilization reporting of all network congestion events in real-time and historically.
All peak network congestion events highlighted with one-click to visualize bandwidth hogs and resolve network health issues.
Maximum Visibility
All packets captured alongside per packet analytics with supporting UI workflows to visualize network anlatyics with maximum granularity, not just 10 second or 1 second averages.
Confidently defend the network and resolve network issues by examining key metrics including utilization, latency and loss with no averaging . Save time and bandwidth, all packet reporting executed server side and visualized in your browser. Only resort to downloading PCAPs for really hard problems.
Flexible Exploration
Flexibly search, group and sort flows by IP address, Port, VLAN and TCP metrics across all flows.
No training or configuration required. Start workflows with IP address, application names, subnets etc. and visualize TCP metrics to report network health and resolve issues.
Packet Capture
All network analytics backed by the underlying packets. Easy to view in browser, familiar filter syntax to refine view and export packets .
Central access to packets with familiar search and filtering commands enables NOC personnel globally to access petabytes of packet capture and obtain PCAPs while requiring no specific knowledge of Corvil.
TCP Analytics
Network performance reporting calculated per flow including round-trip times, out-of-sequence, zero windows, resets, top-talkers and more.
Enables accurate network health reporting by using TCP analytics based on production network traffic instead of test traffic to report real network performance . Absolve network of blame by identifying client/server issues with Resets, Zero Windows and Ignored requests.
Gap Detection
Track sequence numbers of all multicast feeds as a first step towards full Market Data Analysis.
Corvil provides auto-config for 100's of market data protocols enabling the network team to ensure reliable delivery at every hop in the production path.
Performance Analytics
monitor directional latency, loss, jitter and service provider performance.
Corvil uses patented self-synchronization technology to measure one-way latency, loss and jitter to identify performance issues at every hop including the WAN, firewall, switches and routers.
Cloud, Virtual
Corvil Sensor extends packet-level visibility to a wide variety of environments without physical appliances and without packet brokers.
Corvil Sensor is a software defined sniffer enabling you to obtain packets in minutes instead of days from any element in the network including virtualized servers, cloud hosted applications, remote sites and even desktops.


Access over 200 global market venues via PicoNet™, our private ultra low-latency proprietary network mesh. Extremely flat, minimizing hops and latency wherever possible, PicoNet™ is ultra-resilient and fault-tolerant, providing the fastest path connections between on-net co-location sites.