Flexible connectivity for access to market data and trading services globally.

Pico offers a comprehensive range of network products to meet the full spectrum of electronic trading requirements. From ultra low-latency layer 1 colocation connectivity to our Global Ring, each product is tailored to meet specific requirements of performance, resilience, security and scalability.

Our network products can be provided as dedicated solutions tailored to specific customer requirements or as cost-effective multi-tenant offerings.

Customers use our network for the complete spectrum of electronic connectivity including:

Low-latency colocation connectivity

Access to remote trading venues

Market data from global venues

Fast connectivity between colos globally

Remote connectivity to Pico managed infrastructure

Pico’s Commitment to Excellence

We only employ the best architects and engineers to design, build and support our networks

We partner with the leading hardware and network vendors to ensure our products are properly supported and resourced

We use the best hardware and telecommunications links available

We conduct the most thorough design and testing of our network components possible before bringing them to market

There is no room for compromise because Pico’s network products are the foundation of our data and analytics products, and a key enabler for our internal operations and support. The network is at the very heart of everything we do and exemplifies why customers use Pico – our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Our 24/7 service operations team provide responsive and skilled support backed with our market-leading analytics and instrumentation capabilities.

Instant globally comprehensive, resilient, low-latency and fully redundant access to financial markets.