Public Cloud

Pico provides seamless integration with all major public cloud providers.

Public Cloud Access 

Utilizing premier fiber providers, the Pico backbone can provide up to 10G access to AWS in New York as well as London. We are building out additional connectivity on other sites so please contact us if you have specific location requirements. Network and Hosting services are available at sub-1G, 1G, and 10G speeds with redundant and diverse network access. This gives clients the benefits of network customization and reduced network lead time to AWS by simply cross-connecting to Pico at one of our many data centers. All connectivity passes through low latency, high-performance firewalls with IDS. 

Secured VPCs 

Pico Public Cloud includes the build and management of cloud perimeter security. We already configure and manage several installations in AWS and Google cloud and can extend this experience to our clients. Our Info/Cybersecurity team can discuss the details of the implementation with your team to explain our offering. 

Corvil Cloud Monitoring

Pico Public Cloud provides industry unique Corvil monitoring of all your cloud VPC traffic. This delivers significantly higher levels of visibility and performance transparency compared to cloud native solutions offered by most of the public cloud providers. The Corvil Cloud solution provides the same level of telemetry available on-premise. The equality of visibility between both environments dramatically reduces time to fix and eliminates finger pointing  between the involved parties. 

On-Premise Cloud Native Services 

AWS Outpost, Google’s Anthos and GKE or Azure Stack, we help your team with the right solution to use on-prem resources in a public cloud environment. Pico’s team of cloud experts can discuss options for your use case and design in collaboration with your team a full project plan from start to finish. If you wish Pico can also handle the migration as well as the operational support. Information and Cyber Security, is an integral part of any of our solutions. The benefit for our clients is the fact that their teams can focus on core business while Pico is developing, managing and implementing the project. 

Pico’s partnership with the major public cloud providers allows for turnkey deployments of public cloud infrastructure within Pico-managed datacentre environments. This brings cloud-native compute, storage, containerisation and serverless paradigms to on-prem environments for latency-sensitive or data-co-located workloads.