Private Cloud

A Pico built and supported private cloud utilizes dedicated hardware to improve the security of the cloud offering.

Pico utilizes cutting edge high-performance flash storage solutions as well as high-performance servers to bring the fastest information technology environments to our clients.

Pico works closely with hardware manufacturers to provide not only a great solution but also turnkey ready, racked, stacked, configured in highly secure but low-cost data-centers around the world with connectivity back to the client’s premise locations.

Pico also offers in collaboration with third parties compute and storage on-demand services. Similar to private cloud, this offering utilizes dedicated hardware and works similar to Pico’s own private cloud. The difference is in the reuse of hardware after the hardware is no longer needed. The clients get dedicated machines and upon return to the provider, the machines are irreversibly wiped observing military-grade standards, and reallocated to the next client.