Cloud Services

Pico manages the integration and operation of private, public, hybrid cloud and low-latency private premise technology environments according to the needs of your applications and business objectives.

Pico provides design, operations and management services for cloud infrastructure to meet the demands of your most challenging business applications and workloads.

Clients can flexibly specify and choose the nature of their infrastructure according to scalability, performance, compliance and security needs. Pico manages the integration and operation of private, public, hybrid and low-latency private premise technology environments according to the needs of your applications and business objectives.

Pico has strong partnerships and support for all major public cloud providers. In addition, we support the latest private cloud technologies that have been tested and approved for use with within Financial Markets. With Pico Cloud, clients can seamlessly interact with their data, information and digital assets across any combination of on-premise, private cloud and public cloud platforms.

All of cloud offerings are backed by Pico’s 24/7 Operational support, operated by Pico employees, and Pico remote hands service for high-quality data center installations as well as vetted by Pico’s own security team to ensure the solution fits our high industry standards.

The Pico Cloud Approach

Pico’s approach to the cloud is to bring the controls, capabilities, and security posture that our clients have come to expect to cloud environments which, for many financial markets firms, have presented a challenge. With Pico, you get the following value-adds.

Managed Connectivity

Pico can deploy dedicated client connectivity from your on-prem network to your chosen public cloud(s). This includes 1. Direct Connect, 2. Pico Connect, 3. Internet VPN. Connectivity is secured between on-premise and cloud environments using Pico’s redundant DMZs.

Perimeter Security As Standard

Pico can secure the perimeter of your cloud networks using cloud-hosted firewall appliances, IDS, IPS and monitoring solutions. By leveraging the same tech used for on-prem security, Pico transparently extends its operations scope to your cloud resources, providing the same service levels in the cloud as you enjoy in bare metal environments.

Cloud based vDMZ

Pico can operate virtual DMZs in public clouds that allows controlled exposure of cloud-hosted services to the internet. The approach used here is entirely analogous to Pico’s best-in-class on-prem DMZ design and so gives clients the assurances they need when exposing applications to the internet.

Corvil Monitoring & Alerting

Pico’s Corvil Analytics is transparently extended into public cloud environments to ensure our clients enjoy the same level of visibility and transparency for their private and public cloud infrastructure as they do for on-premise infrastructure. Furthermore, for elastic and ephemeral workloads, Pico employs cloud-native monitoring and support infrastructure that is cloud workload aware.

Layered Security Controls

Security is paramount to Pico, we ingrain the controls needed to provide a secure environment for our customers using industry-leading technologies.


  • Encrypted/Private Connectivity
  • Boundary Controls
  • Access Controls Points
  • 2-Factor Authentication

Governance & Auditing

  • Real-time alerting and reporting
  • Continuous Scanning
  • Full audit trails and logging
  • Configuration controls and auditing
  • NIST Framework

Intrusion Detection

  • Real-time Security Monitoring
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Network Security Controls
  • Firewalls

Governance & Auditing

  • Encryption Key Management Solutions
  • Compliance (HIPPA,SOX,NYDFS, GDPR considerations)
  • TLS, AES-256


Access over 300 global market venues via PicoNet™, our private ultra low-latency proprietary network mesh. Extremely flat, minimizing hops and latency wherever possible, PicoNet™ is ultra-resilient and fault-tolerant, providing the fastest path connections between on-net co-location sites.