Time to value assured with Corvil

One of the great conundrums that comes with technology investments is how quickly you can get value out of them. At Corvil it’s something we have made a priority – not least because effective wire data analytics comes with a certain complexity. The good news is that we can help you cut through it quickly, get to the benefits, and give your CFOs the return on investment they expect.

We’ve just launched Installation Assurance and Dashboard Realization programs that are all about speeding up time to value. Essentially, we fill the gap between the sale and “going live” with a carefully planned implementation process, a gaping void with some vendors that’s never adequately bridged, resulting in disaffected users and white elephant technology.

I suspect that most organizations are running systems and software somewhere in their environment where a large percentage of features and functionality are barely used, let alone optimized. We are focused on making sure it never happens with Corvil.

Precision and care

One of the strengths of Corvil’s real-time analytics platform is also a challenge – our unique strand of real-time network analytics can be applied to the most complex and highly distributed estates, but it has to be implemented carefully. This starts with the installation and configuration of the appliance. Then we fine-tune auto discovery tools to populate default dashboards appropriate to the business use-case, making sure the packet data you surface is clean and validated.

By executing each step with precision and listening closely to the people who are going to be using and benefitting from it, we ensure customers end up with a technology solution that delivers on expectations. This is more than a here-and- now fix, it’s about creating an internal culture of understanding around our solutions that will set processes in motion for far-reaching, continuous improvement.

A crucial part of this is knowledge transfer, taking time to ensure that we never leave our customers in the lurch. Why would we? If we don’t optimize our technology to deliver tangible results, or if you simply have a bad customer experience, that’s failure for us.

Guaranteed timeline

Almost as bad as walking away from a customer after a sale is never leaving them. Have you ever had one of those vendors that’s been on premise so long you could be forgiven for thinking they’re on the payroll? We don’t do that either. We deploy fast so you can realize the benefits more quickly.

Both our Installation Assurance and Dashboard Realization programs are delivered in tight timelines – five and three days respectively. They both work to schedules that have been honed from many years of experience in many different types of organization, each with their own unique challenges.

We know it works because we do it all the time. We also know that some customers will want something extra. This is why we offer the option of extra days to organizations that want to fine tune our products to address specific business requirements. Typically, though not exclusively, this is about moving beyond default dashboards and surfacing data that is particularly pertinent to a customer’s use-case.

A lot of handholding goes on because we do something different. We innovate around machine-time intelligence and know that what comes instinctively to us may appear complex and difficult to others. If you are at the leading edge of anything, you are duty bound to educate and explain. So that’s what we do.

To find out more, check out our Installation Assurance and Dashboard Realization datasheet.

Scott Peerbolte

Scott Peerbolte, Sales Engineering Director, North America
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