Ending the Garble: Three Reasons Corvil Wins at VoIP Analytics

Upgrading a traditional phone system to take advantage of the features, functionality and cost savings of VoIP is a common endeavor in today’s market. The business case may be bolstered by an existing telephony system and associated monitoring tools well past, end of life. Or, it may be driven by service quality improvements, future flexibility, or purely by cost savings. Regardless, what isn’t always considered, but is critical to realizing the benefits, is the importance of upgrading or deploying voice monitoring capabilities.

A financial services company we met at a Splunk event was in the process of upgrading their voice infrastructure equipment. What they discovered – and what many organizations discover – is that their legacy monitoring tools were simply not up to the job of optimizing VoIP services. Their interest in Corvil was driven by our VoIP analytics capabilities and seamless integration with Splunk, which they used for IT event management.

Like a lot of companies the firm had been sweating old assets, in this case a telephony-based monitoring solution from a vendor that was falling behind the curve. They were moving to VoIP, installing new voice infrastructure, and now they needed the next generation of voice quality monitoring.

We find this need to be prevalent in those first adopting VoIP, those expanding existing VoIP deployments, as well as across enterprises who have been predominantly reliant upon VoIP for years.

Our proof-of-value with this customer highlighted three clear benefits for them, sealing the deal for them to invest in Corvil.

1. Better VoIP Quality Reporting in Minutes Instead of Hours

One of the things we were able to help them with was their reporting. Their old system was painfully laborious, taking hours to assemble any meaningful insights because they had to pull data from disparate systems. The Corvil workflow is much more streamlined. Dashboards that summarize the state of the call quality (MOS, loss, jitter) can be automatically emailed to the necessary recipients in daily, weekly or monthly reports.

They simply build the requested dashboard and turn on for fully automated and up-to-date reporting that takes minutes instead of hours. They can schedule when they want a PDF of the dashboard to go out and with who they want to share it. Not only is it more automated, it’s a lot more sophisticated in terms of the information and insight provided.

2. Simplified Access to Signal and Media Captures

Assembling and sharing SIP and RTP packets is an important step in troubleshooting call issues, whether it’s with colleagues in IT Ops and networking or working through a communications service provider. Before, Corvil, our client had a particularly onerous process of sharing a bad call packet capture with the vendor who provided the trunk.

First they had to go back to the packet capture solution and search call IDs in the SIP messages. Then they had to look at the negotiated ports where the RTP was travelling, before going back and exporting more packets based on the destination port rules. The SIP and RTP packets were then combined into a single packet capture.

The Corvil workflow assembles all the information automatically with our download PCAP-per-call feature. We export all SIP and RTP traffic for each call in an automated fashion. So rather than build a call packet capture manually, our customer has all they need in just a few clicks, saving hours of time and resulting in better service quality.

3. Appliance Consolidation

Since Corvil’s analytics build upon reliable, high performance packet capture, organizations can improve their TCO and ROI by consolidating multiple single-use appliances onto a flexible, software defined platform.

In the case of our financial services client, they now have voice quality monitoring and packet capture in a single solution. They were able to decommission their old packet capture and monitoring tools along with the legacy telephone kit. Suddenly their infrastructure looks a lot more lean and efficient, and, it’s a lot easier to ensure their VoIP investment is optimized.

Find out more about Corvil Analytics for VoIP and how it can help deliver better VoIP service quality and save hours of time for operations teams.

David Betts

David Betts, Sales Engineer
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