Multi-Purpose Monitoring Makes Corvil a Winner

One of the big differences between Corvil and other network monitoring solutions is that our product strategy is predicated on making network data useful and accessible to many different stakeholders inside an organization. Because our network analytics offer real time insights into customer transactions, business process outcomes, suspicious user activities, security breaches and application performance as well as the heath/performance/capacity of the network itself, whole new business value propositions can be delivered. As a result, a network monitoring solution becomes a strategic investment.

Our VP of Product Management, Donal O’Sullivan, has always banged the drum on the advantages of our network data approach to make it easier for these people to do their jobs. He points out that democratization of data is a key part of our product strategy so that “there would be a continuous stream of value and insights being shared through the organization.”

Maximizing Investment

What better way to maximize your network monitoring investment than to make it available to different parts of the business? Unsurprisingly, it’s often the network manager who becomes our advocate: many companies first identify Corvil as way to optimize the performance of networks that connect increasingly complex IT infrastructure.

Adoption soon spreads into IT Ops, DevOps and voice operations; it also catches the attention of security and business analysts. Corvil’s product roadmap and the evolution of our architecture is all about making it easier for different people to do their jobs more effectively.

IT Ops teams are using our solutions to take a non-intrusive, proactive approach to monitoring IT services. By tapping into rich data on the network they can resolve issues that previously went unexplained. Technical issues that might, for example, interfere with VoIP call quality, become easier to diagnose and fix.

We have other examples of security teams using Corvil’s network forensics for:

Even compliance and risk management teams can get value, .Ffor example, Thomas Wolff, Chief Technology Officer and member of the management board of Flow Traders, noted:

“Corvil is helping Flow Traders to navigate OTR requirements with a simplified and consistent process for continuous oversight. Enhanced transparency into desk and trade strategy impacts and predicting conditions, assures us of a leaner, faster and optimized compliance function.”

Others depend on Corvil to get through Article 30 of GDPR, which recommends monitoring tools to ensure compliance in the way personal information is protected. Not only does our network analytics provide a single solution for identifying application, communication and infrastructure security issues, it dramatically shortens diagnosis and resolution times. It boasts a powerful set of features that elevate network monitoring to something more strategic.

The Next Level Digital Intelligence

The Corvil mantra about capturing data once and using it multiple times is what sets us apart. We’ve taken this to another level with product launch:

“We have designed Intelligence Hub with accessibility and extensibility in mind, to offer an intuitive user experience for multiple roles and to enable them to apply machine learning-driven anomaly detection to the data elements they each deem most important. Consequently, it has the power to shift roles of IT Ops and Sec Ops from executing IT delivery objectives to digital leaders driving more business-based measures.”

There are big choices to be made for companies and employees as they operate on the frontline of an increasingly data-centric world. They need tools and solutions that can provide visibility across increasingly complex environments. Our pitch is simple: pick a vendor with a product strategy to excel at making network-monitored data useful to as many stakeholders as possible.

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Jasmine Noel

Jasmine Noel, Product Marketing & Sales Enablement
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