Ease of Corvil Integration Delivers More Value More Quickly

One of the many categories Corvil topped in the recent Info-Tech survey of network monitoring tools was Ease of Data Integration. Because the report is based on real user reviews, we are particularly proud to be recognized for the value our customers realize both from our product itself but also from our ability to increase the value of their wider ecosystems.

We have always made it a priority to give our users the data, analysis and intelligence they need, when and how they need it, through whatever lens they choose to use. As Info-Tech observes, manual data loading and extraction can be time-consuming and prone to error, so the easier a vendor can make the process the better.

Among the core benefits of Corvil analytics is insight into not only what is happening on the network, but what may be impacting service, application, or transaction performance.

With the complexity of today’s IT environments, this is critical insight to diagnose and resolve complex problems - a challenge that often falls to the network teams to orchestrate (or defend). By providing both information and workflow integrations with other ecosystem tools and technologies, Corvil accelerates the diagnosis and resolution process.

Further, as our customers progress their cloud migration journey, many customers have praised Corvil’s ability to compare performance across multiple environments as well as to see or easily extract the data they need for application interdependency analysis. This is evidently a frustration with many other products, where the data may be locked inside the system.

Many of our customers integrate our data with time series, big data, and other systems such as kDB, mongoDB, Amazon Kinesis, Hadoop, SQL, and others to incorporate the rich analytics Corvil provides into other advanced operational and business analysis initiatives.

One of the drivers behind our Intelligence Hub product is to help customers bypass obstacles around big data analytics and get to actionable insights more quickly. By building machine learning and predictable analytics into our solution, we put our customers on the front foot, enabling them to take action and resolve anomalies before they wreak too much damage.

Same data, multiple users

IT, business and security teams are all beneficiaries of the way we integrate seamlessly with third-party solutions. Take Splunk. We have a growing number of customers who simultaneously use Corvil feeds for IT Ops and security.

Security teams who made Splunk their SIEM, supplement it with Corvil for a unique, user-centric view of potential threats. We can track lateral movements during a cyber attack, for example, and see if a compromised user account is being leveraged to move between machines.

IT Ops that have struggled to find faults that undermine VoIP or general network performance, use Corvil to send real-time network insights to Splunk, exposing underlying issues that may be having a detrimental impact on user experience.

Customer service can also benefit from easy integration across one or more products. A US communication service provider has integrated Corvil and Salesforce to populate a Splunk portal, giving the business a real-time view of network and service performance that’s specific to each customer.

All these use cases rely on the quality Corvil data, fulfilling the “don’t send junk to Splunk” mantra by cutting through noise to deliver meaningful insights that support a range of applications.

Powerful business case

One of our next conference dates is the Carbon Black Connect event in New York on October 10/11 – another partnership where seamless data integration delivers results that exceed the sum of their parts. Through automation and closed-loop workflows, organizations are able to pivot across disparate but associated data repositories, breaking down silos that have obfuscated useful insights in the past.

Such partnerships highlight how data integration is about more than sending data to third-party tools. In the case of Carbon Black, it’s about converting manual steps involving multiple tools into single click workflows that streamline investigations, enabling security teams to be more responsive, productive and effective.

The ace card we put in customers’ pockets is using the same data source to deliver different benefits to different business units. For CIOs under pressure to squeeze more value out of network monitoring investments, our data integration capabilities help maximize their spend to make for an even more powerful business case.

Don’t just take our word for it – download the Info-Tech report that rated us #1 in multiple categories.

Jasmine Noel

Jasmine Noel, Product Marketing & Sales Enablement
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