Infrastructure Analytics

We operate and maintain colocated infrastructure in the world’s most important financial datacentres.

Customers hosting their trading infrastructure with Pico can also benefit from Pico’s Infrastructure Analytics services. Our 24/7 service desk will continuously monitor the infrastructure, notify customers of potential problems, troubleshoot and swap out defective hardware or replace software as required, taking care of vendor liaison in the process. Throughout the troubleshooting a resolution process we ensure customers are kept up to date.

Pico offers several tiers of service for a range of hardware and operating systems monitoring

  • Switch

  • Server – Hardware Only

  • Server – Hardware and OS

  • Server – Fully Managed

These allow customers to pick the right level of service to meet their specific needs and capabilities. We also support a wide range of hardware and operating system combinations, allowing our customers to optimize all the components required to achieve the performance they need to succeed.

​Customer hardware is connected to our management and monitoring platform, allowing us to gather event and performance data. At the first sign of trouble we triage the problem and begin work, remotely interrogating your hardware to identify the problem or dispatching our Intellihands teams if physical intervention is required.

We offer monitoring of the following as standard:

  • Operating system health

  • Status of services

  • Port monitoring

  • Component health (disks, processor, NICs, specialized cards)

We can also support bespoke monitoring solutions where customers have specific requirements over and above our standard offering.

The combination 24/7 operational mode, our advanced monitoring platform and our global Intellihands capabilities is unique to Pico and offers the following benefits:

Reduced downtime Greater productivity
Follow the sun model Continuous focus on a problem resulting in faster final resolution
24/7 Support Peace of mind that your infrastructure is ready for the start of the trading day
Shared services model for operations, systems and support Lower operating costs

Further benefits come with the potential to use Pico for the whole lifecyle, integrating with our procurement services and using Pico to build, deploy and maintain your hardware estate anywhere in the world that you require secure, reliable trading infrastructure.


Access over 200 global market venues via PicoNet™, our private ultra low-latency proprietary network mesh. Extremely flat, minimizing hops and latency wherever possible, PicoNet™ is ultra-resilient and fault-tolerant, providing the fastest path connections between on-net co-location sites.