You've synched your clocks, but can you verify compliance?

Learn what it takes to verify clock synchronization integrity and traceability to comply with the obligations of MiFID II (RTS 25, Article 4), and CAT Reg 613.

As regulators look to recreate markets, they have mandated greater precision, oversight, and auditability of clock synchronization. As a result, business, technology and compliance teams have turned to automated reporting from Corvil to provide:

  • Independent validation of clock synchronization integrity
  • Verification of traceability to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and variance tracking
  • A record of the affected transactions for closer examination, risk mitigation, and regulatory reporting purposes

Learn what these firms have discovered about:

  • The types of metrics needed to verify traceability and clock synchronization integrity
  • The insights that can demonstrate active, responsible oversight and auditability to internal or external authorities
  • How internal stakeholders can use information to rapidly and accurately grasp the synchronization status of order events

Download this report to see the level of precision and reporting that enables you to manage clock synchronization integrity and to provide proof of audibility to Compliance, Business teams, and Regulators.