Watch Donal Byrne at Intelligent Trading Summit, London, 2017 discuss why machine-time analytics is an essential part of operating trading businesses in a machine world.

In the world of electronic trading, machines can execute trades autonomously in under one hundred microseconds and can make decisions to trade is less than ten microseconds. These machines are capable of taking actions that can be one million times faster than a human.

The business that can accurately understand the actions and decisions of machines operating at those timescales will gain competitive advantages in terms of optimizing business execution, improving technology operations, streamlining compliance and managing cybersecurity risks.

Machine-time analytics is the ability to analyze the actions and decision of machines at the timescale and granularity with which they act. Such capabilities are essential to ensuring trading businesses receive the optimum intelligence to operate with full transparency, achieve superior execution outcomes, and deliver trusted data for regulatory compliance and risk management.

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